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Modern country music is a combination of many other styles, primarily bluegrass, rock, jazz and folk. Country guitar players draw on elements of all of these styles to produce their own unique mix.

The main bluegrass instruments are fiddle, acoustic guitar, banjo and dobro, so you should listen to those instruments to get an idea of how they sound.

What are their key characteristics?

How do they solo and back up other instruments?

How can you add the key elements into your guitar playing?

If you want to learn country guitar, here are the key skills you'll want to master:

What scales to use
How to play with pick and fingers
The classic country licks
How to bend and pre-bend notes within chords to get that pedal steel sound
Adding banjo rolls to your guitar playing
The art of chicken pickin'
Including a little jazz for that Texas swing sound
How to play country accompaniment on acoustic guitar